Airline Division of Island Aviation Services Ltd Re-branded as Maldivian.

Graduating from its role as the dominant domestic carrier in the country; Island Aviation commenced its regional operations on 25th January 2008 with its first regional flight to Trivandrum, India. Therefore re-branding came as a natural stride as the airline expanded its routes beyond Maldives to other destinations in the neighboring countries.

The main reason for re-branding was to establish a brand in order to further distinguish the airline in the existing markets and to give the airline a name that reflected its origins - the Maldives and its people.

Maldivian – the brand

The name “Maldivian”  was chosen for its simplicity and effectiveness. It was a name that gave the airline immediate recognition as the nation’s main airline and reflected the values of the nation.

Flying Made Simple – the slogan

For the selection of the slogan a myriad of factors were considered by the management and staff of Maldivian, among price, service and convenience were considered to be the most important to our customers. The management and staff chose to place its slogan along with the convenience factor since it was voted as the common denominator among all the customers who chose Maldivian as their travel partner. Thereby, the slogan ‘flyin made simple’ was born.

Dolphin – the livery

Dolphin is a beautiful marine mammal commonly found in the Maldivian seas. They are found to be warm and friendly and thus rightfully reflected the corporate vision of the airline; ‘the friendliest airline with unparallel excellence’.

The colors used in the livery are the striking hues of blue seen while flying over the Maldives, reflecting the blue sky and the ocean at different depths.

Therefore, we the team of Maldivian, believe the colors and the dolphin truly reflect and belong with us on our livery while you, our customers and partners, fly with us to your destination.


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